an imaginative anthology

A collection of short speculative fiction to be published by Futurological Press (an imprint of WWG Press) in Winter 2014

DEADLINE: AUGUST 1st or until filled

Futurological Press, an imprint of WWG Press, is looking to publish a series of anthologies of short fiction. This inceptive collection will be selected based on quality and a sense that the writer had fun with their craft. We would love to hear from authors who have never been published before but we welcome everyone!

We will consider anything from any of the following categories (or some blend thereof): science fiction, fantasy, space opera, YA, mystery, alternate history, horror, and steampunk. If your genre isn’t listed, just ask before submitting.

For this anthology, we are also asking writers to share a short 10-300 word blurb introducing yourself and answering the following question: "In what specific way do you feel your parents have influenced your writing?" This blurb will be included alongside your story, if selected, and will serve as an anchor for the stories, allowing readers to learn more about their new favorite wordsmiths.


  • Stories that make us laugh
  • Stories that make us go “Hmmm”
  • Stories that leave us wanting more
  • Stories that dance with creative energy
  • Stories that explore old concepts in a new way
  • Stories that have characters who are all too familiar
  • Stories that have characters we’d want to get to know better in real life


  • consider your submissions fitting these guidelines
  • consider YA paranormal romance but we might roll our eyes - lovingly, of course!
  • get back to you within 2 weeks regarding the status of your work
  • make a decision within 1 month of the submission deadline


  • consider a submission containing any of the following:
  • fan fiction (not judging, we write it ourselves...but that’s not what we’re looking for here)
  • profanity (unless it is used judiciously and adds to the tale)
  • adult material/erotica (creative allusions to sexy times is OK)
  • hate speech or other forms of bigotry/discrimination
  • political rants
  • advertisements


Contributor ebook and/or print copy


Seeking first world rights in English and exclusive right to publish in print and electronic format for six months after publication date, after which publisher retains nonexclusive right to continue to publish for the life of the anthology.


Futurological Press, an imprint of Westry Wingate Group